Bradford Holiday Inn tragedy as man found dead in city center hotel


A man has been found dead at a Holiday Inn in Bradford city centre.

West Yorkshire Police have issued a statement after police vehicles descended on Vicar Lane, Bradford this morning following a call at around 9.24am. Three crime scene investigation vehicles were spotted – including a van – outside Bradford Leisure Exchange, home to Cineworld and Hollywood Bowl.

Passers-by and locals said they were “worried” after seeing the police activity. “When I saw the police vehicles I thought, oh, what happened now? I noticed the crime scene van and was worried someone had been injured,” said a resident.

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A van was spotted parked outside the Holiday Inn around noon. When officers arrived, a man was found unconscious at the hotel.

Police vehicles in Vicar Lane, Bradford

It has now been confirmed that a man has been found dead at the hotel. West Yorkshire Police said in a statement: “Police were called to Vicar Lane at 9.24am this morning for security reasons.

“Upon arrival, officers found a male who was pronounced dead at the scene. His death is being treated as non-suspicious and a coroner’s case is being prepared.” The individual’s family has been notified.

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