Crowne Plaza, Holiday Inn Manila tree planting


Volunteer associates from the Crowne Plaza and the Holiday Inn Manila Galleria gathered on a rainy morning at the La Mesa Water Preserve.

As part of the Giving for Good activities in September, a total of 400 forest trees were planted by associates as a pledge to leave a legacy to provide clean air and water for Filipinos.

La Mesa Watershed Reserve is a protected area that preserves the only major watershed in Metro Manila, Philippines. Also known as the Novaliches Watershed, it contains the last remaining rainforest of its size in Metro Manila surrounding the La Mesa Dam and Reservoir, the primary source of drinking water for 12 million residents of Metro Manila. The area is under the joint administration, supervision and control of the Department of Environment and Natural Resources and the Metropolitan Water and Sewer System.

First-time tree planters shared that they enjoyed doing the activity and felt a deeper sense of purpose to save Mother Earth and future generations.

Second-time volunteers and veterans said there is always something new and different in every activity, and there is fulfillment in every act of giving back.

Ms. Gibeth Gloria, Executive Assistant Director, sends words of gratitude to all associates who participated in the event and calls for spreading the incredible experience and opportunity to give back and care for our world.

With the battle cry “Every Filipino is an Earth Warrior”, Crowne Plaza and Holiday Inn colleagues take another step in their efforts to contribute to society and the well-being of the planet, one day in the time.

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