Find the perfect Christmas tree in Yakima for your vacation


Christmas is finally here, so celebrate the perfect Christmas tree for you and your family this year. If you love living Christmas trees, we’ve got the perfect places to get yours.

There is nothing better than walking down the stairs every December morning and gazing at a beautiful tree as you start your countdown to Christmas. If you haven’t bought a tree yet, you’ve come to the right place.

Roots Nursery and Landscaping / 6710 Tieton Drive

People have a tradition of going there every year for their Christmas tree, it makes sense because once there, it feels like Christmas. With one of the largest tree selections in the Yakima Valley, you’ve found the perfect place to get your tree.

Country Farm and Garden / 6 W Washington Ave

Not only is this an amazing place to choose your family Christmas tree, but if this is your first time alone or new to celebrating Christmas, this is the place to go. With hundreds of decorations on hand and beautiful trees to choose from, you can make all of your Christmas decorations in one fell swoop through Country Farm and Garden.

Gasseling Ranches Christmas Tree Farm / 4830 W Wapato Rd, Wapato, WA 98951

If you want an old-fashioned experience and cut your own tree, we have the perfect place for you. With a short drive to Wapato, you can find the perfect Christmas tree at a real Christmas tree farm, just like the one Taylor Swift grew up on. Take the family, grab a hot chocolate and go tree hunting, once you find the right one for you, the workers will help you cut it and load it into your car for the return trip.

Badger Pocket Christmas Tree Farm / 434 Biltmore Dr, Ellensburg, WA

If you are ready to travel to Ellensburg, you will have an extremely memorable Christmas experience. Chop down your own tree like Clark Griswald, but you won’t have to end up with your family in the wild. With employees on hand to guide you through the experience, you can find the perfect tree to light up your living room before the big man comes down the fireplace.

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