Gasoline tax holiday in Maryland today, gasoline prices in Maryland are expected to top $4 a gallon on Sunday


Maryland drivers may be used to not having to pay the state’s 36-cent gas tax. But it ends on Sunday, April 17.

Maryland state legislator and Gov. Larry Hogan agreed last month to suspend the gas tax to help residents affected by rising gas prices after Ukraine invaded Ukraine. Russia. The law was passed in Annapolis on March 18.

Maryland Comptroller Peter Francchau floated the idea of ​​a gasoline tax exemption at a meeting of the Revenue Estimates Committee on March 10. Franchot, who is running for governor, argued for a 90-day state tax cut when he argued that the state’s healthy fiscal outlook could support dropped gasoline sales.

During the convention, several Republican lawmakers expressed support for the tax relief extension.

The gasoline tax exemption cost the state about $100 million, which comes from the state’s transportation trust fund. The trust fund will be used to finance roads and road projects.

In Virginia, Governor Glenn Youngkin has proposed a three-month moratorium on gasoline taxes. It is suspended from the convention; The Democrats are presenting their own proposals.

Even with the holidays, some drivers say the current gas price is still painful.

“Gas prices stink,” said Raquel Thomas of Baltimore. “I need gas, I probably have nowhere to go – back to work, back to work, that’s it.”

“They are big, especially when you have to travel very far, as I am from New York, so it is expensive to travel here. It’s too expensive,” said Dawn Madden, who drove from New York to Towson.

“It’s the current situation, I mean, nothing can stop it,” said Towson’s Josh Winmiller.

Gasoline reaches $4.31 before the gas tax exemption. It fell to $4.17 at the start of the holiday on March 18.

“With that in mind, we expect gasoline prices to rise, especially in the state, as we reintroduce the gasoline tax,” Ali said.

AAA experts have the following recommendations for driving after the gas tax exemption.

Make sure your tires are properly inflated as this can affect fuel efficiency.

Combine trips.

Do not drive aggressively for your safety and your savings.
“For every 5 mph above 60 mph, that equates to an extra 15 cents per gallon burned,” Ali said.

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