Holiday Inn Express Barrow raises funds for St Mary’s Hospice


A HOTEL has raised a huge sum for charity after bosses pledged to give something back to the community.

The Holiday Inn Express Barrow team have raised £200 from their coffee mornings for St Mary’s Hospice in their first quarter count.

The hotel launched its coffee mornings in October last year and runs them continuously.

The club operates daily from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m. Anyone can come in and enjoy a cup of coffee with 20p from every drink sold donated to the self-funded hospice.

Robbie Gaffney, the hotel’s marketing director and leader of the Coffee Club campaign, said the morning coffees had been very popular.

He said: ‘We started the cafe club after we opened but the pandemic hit so we couldn’t continue for a while so when we thought about relaunching it we decided we wanted to become a community center.

“We are in the heart of Barrow and the town center and we want people to know they can come in for a coffee, tea or a bite to eat. We had always planned to raise, but have now introduced a strategy called “Giving Something Back”.

“This year we want to give something back to Barrow, local people and charities and we have regular meetings to discuss how we can further support the community.”

The Holiday Inn Express management team began by partnering with St Mary’s Hospice to “give something back” that goes beyond their morning coffees.

Robbie said: ‘We took the discussion to the team and received feedback from the general public and St Mary’s was mentioned quite frequently and for their hard work and everything they do it just felt like our first body charitable hotel or the hospice.

“We have regular meetings about how we can support them, it doesn’t stop at the coffee club that we talked about using them and supporting them with places to meet and organize meetings they can use our hotel for this, we have meeting rooms and space in the restaurant and bar, we want people to use the facilities we have for something good.

“We will be supporting them until the end of 2022 and then it will be reviewed to see who will be next. We want to help as many local charities and organizations in Barrow as possible, but we are very happy to support St Mary’s.

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