Holiday Inn’s £1.5m facelift boosts business


BOLTON’s Holiday Inn hotel on Higher Bridge has undergone a £1.5million facelift.

The historic building was opened in November 1991, built on the site of St Mary’s RC Primary School and incorporated the former St Mary’s Church.

This part of the complex was created in the iconic location of the Hotel Cloister with its original stained glass windows and arches.

Subsequently, Cloisters has been the scene of many weddings and crucial events for the city and where a new luxury carpet now completes the atmospheric space.

The hotel’s new interior is also evident in the brighter, more modern open lobby and in the hotel’s renovated guest rooms.

“Plans were already in place before the lockdown to renovate the building and make it more contemporary,” explained chief executive Dieter Koch.

“When the lockdown started it gave us the opportunity to continue work while we were closed. It certainly wasn’t without its problems back then, like everything else.

The hotel was closed for nine months and fully reopened in June 2021. Renovations continued until more recently, however.

Further works will now also be underway in the near future to renovate other rooms in the hotel. There are also plans to improve the adjacent car park and create a new entrance dedicated to the cloisters.

“The public response to all the work that has been done so far has been very positive,” Koch added. “People really seem to appreciate the improvements.

“Wedding bookings are coming in well, although we still have a few dates available, and we’ve also booked luncheons and charity events.

“We have recovered our business travelers and our tours and 2022 looks positive. I am very happy we have done this work as it helps the hotel and it helps Bolton as a town center and as a community.

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