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ELLICOTTVILLE – In the heat of summer, it’s hard to think ‘snow’, but Holiday Valley officials already have white in mind as work continues to prepare the resort for the next ski season.

Holiday Valley recently announced that it will be undergoing $ 3.3 million in upgrades for the 2019-20 winter season. Holiday Valley president Dennis Eshbaugh said skiers and boarders of all ages and abilities will see improvements that will make their visit more enjoyable.

“As an independent station, we are very proud of what we have been able to accomplish in our 62 year history,” he said. “With this year’s projects, we have reinvested over $ 135 million in the complex over the past 25 years.

Improvements to the resort this year include increased snow cover, a new groomer, glades improvements, a new website, and a redesigned cafeteria.

Holiday Valley has the most snow cannons available in western New York State,” said Jane Eshbaugh, director of marketing. “The new weapons we are installing this year are not automated at this time, but will be part of the automated system in the future.”

The resort’s powerful snowmaking system has been extended with 107 new energy-efficient HKD Impulse snow guns. These have been installed on the Bear Cub, Maple Leaf, Falcon, Champagne, Mistletoe, Independence, Boomerang, Shamrock and Northwind courses.

Today, with 351 automated snow guns and nearly 800 total snow guns, Holiday Valley has the largest and most powerful HKD automated snowmaking system on the East Coast. Automation has the advantage of quick starts and stops, so even if favorable snow temperatures exist for only a few hours, the system can produce snow efficiently.

In addition, the automated snowmaking system has weather stations that monitor temperature and humidity, so the cannons can automatically and individually adapt to changes. The result is more and better quality snow produced, using less energy.

A new Pisten Bully 600 winch cat grooming machine has been added to the grooming team’s fleet. The machine is equipped with a blade to move large amounts of snow and a drawbar to level the surface like other snow groomers, but it also has a rotating arm with a winch cable that attaches to an anchor point at the top of the slope. This allows the winch cat to prepare for uphill over steeper terrain, resulting in a smoother and more even snow surface.

A thorough cleaning made the four glades and several tree trails more fun than ever. In an effort to create healthier tree stands, better tree skiing, and better access to powder, teams smoothed the forest floor by filling in gaps and sharp angles and performing pruning. light to open up the woods a little.

Additionally, the Mountainside Grill, Holiday Valley‘s main cafeteria, has been redesigned for easier access, better circulation and a whole new menu. Jane Eshbaugh said the cafeteria redesign will improve its visibility, circulation and the products offered.

“We’re at the point right now where we’re waiting for a few key things to make sure that actually happens this year,” she said. “We’re pretty sure it’s going to happen, but the timing is going to be very tight as we have weddings and conferences going on and then ski season is coming up so we don’t have a lot of time.” will also have a whole new look and improved user-friendly e-commerce. According to Eshbaugh, the new website is expected to launch in October.

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