‘In Nightmare’ launches on Steam this holiday season 2022


Developer Magic Fish Studio’s horror-puzzler is expanding its presence. Originally released for PlayStation platforms, In Nightmare is making its way to the PC crowd with its Steam release. Players will have plenty of time to list their wishes and save money. In Nightmare is set to arrive this holiday season, so be sure to start making your lists!

Big Trouble, Little Madness with In Nightmare

In Nightmare is about a boy who loses his love and purpose in the real world. One day, he falls into a deep sleep to the point of not being able to wake up. Now he is in another world – a world that manifests through his own pain, traumas and fears. And these come in the form of otherworldly creatures in a bizarre dream world.

Players will navigate through the boy’s nightmares using stealth and wits. You will pass by unusual enemies and solve puzzles while trying to escape the darkness completely. It’s a fully narrative game where you have to face your fears before the boy is lost forever.

We have also attached the official PlayStation launch trailer here for you to check out. It mixes both the weird and the sinister, so you’ll get a good taste of what to expect. Of course, this is the PlayStation trailer, but you can visit the Steam page to check out the updated graphics.

In Nightmare will be coming to PC via Steam around the holiday season later this year. The game not only comes with updated graphics, but Steam users will also have access to all content from In Nightmarethe start. Development of the game comes from Magic Fish Studio, with Maximum Games on their side as publisher.

Be sure to check out the Steam page for In Nightmaree to find out when the game will launch for PC players. And if you played In Nightmare first, let us know what you thought of it in the comments!

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