It will not be a normal vacation period at the Magic Valley Regional Airport


TWIN FALLS, Idaho (KMVT / KSVT) – After approximately five months of operation, November 30 is the last day of the Twin Falls-Denver flight from the Magic Valley Regional Airport.

Two flights to and from Salt Lake City were canceled earlier in the fall, so the remainder of the holiday season will have a flight to the Magic Valley Regional Airport.

Gabriel Beebe is a resident of Twin Falls who first used the airport last week for a trip to Denver.

“We have family in Denver and the east so it would be nice to have an airport where we can fly and visit family,” Beebe said.

But, in a few days, the direct flight to Denver will no longer be. He said he will be leaving Salt Lake City later this holiday season, but will not be using the Twin Falls Airport.

KMVT spoke to Epic Travel in Jerome, and they said this holiday season they are approaching pre-pandemic activity levels. With just one flight out of Twin Falls, they had to make a lot of bookings out of Boise.

“It’s disappointing that we don’t have the offerings that we typically offer year after year,” said Bill Carberry, manager of the Magic Valley Regional Airport.

According to Carberry, it is too early to say what impact the changes will have on the airport. But he adds that so far, business has slowed down a bit at Happy Landing restaurant.

Carberry still believes in the future of air travel in the Magic Valley and has hired a consultant to market the airport as a direct destination to major airlines.

“We are trying to put together data to present the business case directly to the airlines, namely Delta and United, as well as other potential new entrants on the route,” Carberry said.

It is hoped to bring a flight from Salt Lake City back into rotation at the airport by the spring.

“I’m pretty optimistic at heart and I think down the road we’ll see better days and get through this,” Carberry said.

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