PS5 Console Availability Could Increase Significantly This Holiday Season


As PlayStation fans are well aware, the availability of the PlayStation 5 The console has been incredibly limited since its November 2020 release. A combination of hardware component limitations and shipping issues due to the COVID-19 pandemic has kept the PS5 from reaching the hands of many fans. This is unlikely to change soon either, as many of these constraints still remain today. But there may be a window coming this holiday season where more PS5s are available than normal.


Industry insider Millie A recently shared a report on Twitter regarding upcoming plans for the PlayStation 5. The short update stated that Sony PS5 manufacturer Foxconn’s allocation for October, November and December is ” substantial”. In other words, there should be an increase in PS5 availability later this year, if not 2023. Millie A doesn’t cite a source for this information, however, so it’s worth taking with a grain of salt. Plans may always change or the information Millie A shares may not be correct.

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Exactly what Millie A means by substantial manufacturing allowance is of course not at all clear. The PlayStation 5 has spread around the world at a surprisingly slow rate. A substantial increase from the current allocation does not necessarily mean widespread availability, under any circumstances. That might not even be a noticeable increase for those still looking for PS5s. Additional context will be needed to create an accurate sense of how many more PS5s are available than normal.

To get an idea of ​​the limitation in PlayStation 5 sales lately, in May and June, the Xbox series exceeded PS5 sales in Japan. In May, the Xbox Series S sold more than the PS5. In June, it was Xbox Series X. Xbox sales in Japan have always been abysmal, which should give some idea of ​​how limited PS5s are, even where PlayStation has traditionally dominated the console market.

Perhaps to punctuate the fact that Sony is making a big push this holiday season, Millie A also notes that several third-party developers have been contacted about the assets. This usually happens when Sony is planning a new State of the Art or some other kind of game showcase. Millie A then mentions that Sony usually does these kinds of marketing campaigns when they have hardware to sell.

Although it might not seem completely reliable, the situation works well for those who want to buy a PS5. If by the holiday season Sony announces a PlayStation State of Play event, that could mean Millie A’s report is accurate and more. PS5s should be available soon.

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