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ELLICOTTVILLE – Dennis Eshbaugh, President and CEO of Holiday Valley Resort, has announced a number of retirements and promotions within Win-Sum Ski Corp., owner of the Ellicottville resort.

Allen “Skip” Yahn passed the hammer as chairman of the board to John Northrup on September 30.

Yahn is on the board of directors of Win-Sum Ski Corp. since 1968 and has been its president since 1995.

Northrup has been a member of the Board of Directors since 1978 and serves as its Vice Chairman. He plans to continue Holiday Valley‘s role as a leader in the ski resort industry. Skip will remain on the board of directors.

Additionally, Bonnie Koschir, Secretary of the Board of Directors, was appointed a member, occupying a post left by the retirement of Director Jerry Bianchi, who had held the post since 2000.

Koschir plans to retire from her position as Vice President of Holiday Valley Resort Operations in June.

To cover her post, Eshbaugh announced the creation of two new jobs that will be filled by two “skilled and passionate young leaders in the business”, Nicole Klein and Kate Eshbaugh. These jobs started this month to allow for a full winter training season under Koschir’s guidance.

Kate Eshbaugh, currently Director of Health and Safety, becomes Director of Skier Services. She will lead the ski patrol, risk management, customer service and catering departments, and will also lead project management for the resort.

Niki Klein, currently Director of Sales, becomes Director of Resort Services and will lead the departments of Group Sales, Sky High Adventure Park, Customer Service, Mountain Shop and Facilities Management.

“This is a critical time in the management of Holiday Valley and I am delighted to know that we have people within our company ready to take on these new and expanded roles,” said Dennis Eshbaugh. “I have no doubts that the resort is in good hands.

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