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The school sales tax holiday is from July 25 to August 7



In a few weeks, July 25 to August 7Florida will hold its annual school sales tax holiday.

During this time, consumers can reduce school supply costs through savings designated by the Florida Legislature.

“Taking advantage of the sales tax exemption is a way to cut back on back-to-school supplies, if needed, by buying only the essentials so income equals expenses plus savings,” says Jenny Rodriguez, one of many UF/IFAS extenders. through the State specialized in family and consumer sciences. “If you’re not sure where to start, consider the following money management strategies to help you manage your finances.”

Here, Rodriguez adds six strategies for cutting costs when shopping for school supplies throughout the summer.

  • First take inventory of your inventory at home. Often you already have many of the school supplies your children need at home. Check to see if you have any highlighters, pens, pencils, notebooks, and other school supplies saved from previous years before buying more. The savings may seem small, but they add up and every little bit counts.
  • Look for weekly deals on certain products. If you’re buying supplies for more than one child, you can also look for weekly deals that highlight a small handful of products each week, sometimes as low as 25 cents.
  • Avoid using store credit cards. If you are offered one when you leave, politely decline. While these sign-up bonuses can be interesting and tempting, if you keep a balance on one of these cards, the interest you pay with these high APRs (on average 24.24% APR) will easily exceed what you have. saved with this initial discount offered by the store. you.
  • Trade school supplies and split the savings. If done right, setting up a system for trading items with other families has many benefits. Start by exchanging items with other families, such as surplus supplies, children’s clothing, shoes, and accessories. Here’s how it works. Gather your friends and neighbors with children of the same age and everyone brings gently used clothes, books, school supplies, toys, etc. Everyone gets a ticket for each item they bring. Each ticket entitles you to one article from the exchange meeting. If you bring six books, you can leave with up to six new books. If you bring seven clothes, you can walk away with up to seven new clothes. All remaining items are given away. Giving is good.
  • Try second-hand shopping. Consider shopping secondhand at places like, Goodwill, Salvation Army, and thrift stores. Remember to research offers and sign up for emails strategically.
  • Don’t forget that the UF/IFAS extension has tools to help you save. Did you know that the UF/IFAS extension offers financial management courses and tools to help you establish your budget? Get a free money management calendar to help you track your expenses or sign up for a money management course by contacting your local UF/IFAS Extension Family and Consumer Sciences agent or email to [email protected]

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