Sony expects PS5 stock to improve in time for the holiday season


Since their launch in late 2020, PlayStation 5 consoles have been difficult to buy due to ongoing inventory constraints. To avoid these problems during the upcoming holiday season, as we saw last year, Sony will ramp up production.

“We intend to take steps to increase user engagement in the second half of the fiscal year, when major titles, including proprietary software, are expected to be released, primarily by increasing the supply of PS5 hardware and promoting the new PlayStation Plus service,” Sony said during its latest results.

The company expects to hit its sales forecast of 18 million units sold this fiscal year, and with supply chain issues starting to improve and the PS5 not instantly selling out. stock whenever it pops up online, Sony believes this lens is within reach. These issues – along with other factors – have seen the PS5 struggle to reach PS4 sales records, but it has managed to sell a respectable 21.7 million units since launch.

Until more units become more readily available, you can track restocks with GameSpot’s PS5 tracking page to see when stores near you have fresh supplies. It’s a great time to pick up a PS5, as the revamped PS Plus has a great selection of games to play, and cases are finally on their way so you can neatly organize all those titles.

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