Sony is trying to increase PS5 supply for the holiday season


Amid supply chain issues and high demand for the console, Sony is working hard to increase PS5 supply for the holiday season.

Sony’s next-gen console, the PS5, is elusive and very difficult for fans to find due to high demand and ongoing supply issues. As the console turns 2 in November, gamers are hoping to find a way to get the PS5 in time for the holiday season.

Global supply chain issues affecting various different industries have made it very difficult for people to get the things they ordered on time, if they are able to get them at all. The gaming industry is not immune to this as all major companies have fallen behind in their supply of consoles, games and other hardware to meet the demand of customers and fans around the world. entire.


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Amid these issues, however, Sony is giving gamers some hope by saying they are working to increase the PS5 supply in time for the holiday season. In its last earnings review, Sony said software sales and gaming engagement were down, and it needed to work to restore them. “Taking this situation into account,” Sony explains, “we intend to take steps to increase user engagement in the second half of the fiscal year, in which major titles, including software owners, should come out, mainly by increasing the supply of [PS5] hardware and promotion of the new PlayStation Plus service.”

Gamers are still worried because of rumors that Sony may increase the price of the PS5, but Sony still won’t comment on this and instead wants to continue talking about the supply issue. Sony says it expects to meet its forecast of 18 million units sold in the financial year and sees positive signs of supply after the end of shutdowns in Shanghai, which is a major center for the production of some components. As a result, Sony believes it can ramp up production and sell many units in time for the holiday season.

Sony continues to release updates for the PS5 console, such as the recent upgrade that enables support for 1440p monitors and other similar improvements. Gamers are thrilled with these improvements, but many fans are hoping for more improvements to be offered so they can actually get their hands on the console to take advantage of these features. Sony has already promised to ramp up production this year, but supply chain issues persist, making it harder to deliver on those promises.

There’s still time before the holiday season kicks off, so fans can expect to hear more about whether Sony will actually ramp up production of the PS5 to meet the console’s growing demands later this year. year.

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