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A Christmas classic that ends up on countless television screens each year is the 1942 movie “Holiday Inn,” starring iconic artist Bing Crosby; the greatest dancer in the history of cinema, Fred Astaire; and Marjorie Reynolds. The classic film is the origin of the quintessential Christmas melody “White Christmas”, ultimately inspiring the creation of the film of the same name. In 2016, Broadway brought “Holiday Inn” to the stage, retaining the style and charm of the 1940s while updating the story for a more modern audience, and this holiday season the Academy Theater is thrilled to bring flashy, fun and musical well-being to downtown Meadville!

Packed from top to bottom with the music of Irving Berlin, “Holiday Inn” tells the story of a “man of song and dance”, Jim, who leaves show business to live and work on a farm of Connecticut. Once he finds out he can’t even grow a tomato, he decides to turn his house into a “flagship hotel,” with the help of a local school teacher, Linda Mason. The hostel has dazzling performances for each holiday from Thanksgiving to July 4th, hence the name of the show. The Academy Theater production features an exceptionally talented cast, including local favorites Anne Conti as the hilariously awkward freelance teacher Linda Mason; Dan Winston as Casanova, Ted Hanover; Julie Cepec as the brassy showgirl, desperate for fame, Lila Dixon; Terri Gilmore as the adorable “repairman” Louise; Darrel Whitney as the show biz agent, Danny; Winstynn Oates as early banking messenger, Charlie Winslow; and a special star will play the lead man, Jim Hardy, as well as an amazing dance ensemble!

“Holiday Inn” features exciting dance numbers, laughing comedy and a successful Irving Berlin parade including “Blue Skies”, “Easter Parade”, “Cheek to Cheek”, “Shaking the Blues Away” and many others !

Do you like Irving Berlin? Purchase a combo pass for $ 35, which includes a ticket to “Holiday Inn” at Meadville’s Academy Theater and a ticket to “White Christmas” at Erie Playhouse. “Holiday Inn” runs December 3-19 at the historic Academy Theater, 275 Chestnut St. For more information on times and ticket sales, contact the Academy at (814) 337-8000 or visit our website. Customers are encouraged to purchase their tickets online at no additional convenience fees. Tickets are $ 22 (general admission), $ 20 (seniors) or $ 16 (students) with an additional presale discount for all tickets purchased at least one hour before the start of the show.

Julia Kemp is artistic director of the Academy Theater.

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