Today’s holiday calendar by Piotr Pluta


• Your ultimate national holiday calendar. Contains countless holidays and their descriptions, both official, but also less official and funnier ones, like “Leave the Office Early Day” •

• Looking for a great conversation starter? Just start with “Did you know today is ‘Garfield the Cat Day’?”, and the conversation will flow naturally from there. •

• Don’t know what to cook tonight? We organize many gastronomic and culinary festivals, a great source of inspiration for gourmets. •

• Have you ever wondered what interesting and unusual holidays are today? Have you read that it’s Donut Day or National Running Day? Now you can give yourself a reason to celebrate and impress your friends with a full collection of these fun and unusual celebrations and unique holidays! •

• Discover more than 2000 events and their descriptions
• Add events to your device’s calendar to remind you of upcoming holidays
• Find all holidays using your device’s search function
• Share events via social media, email or messages
• Add a widget that displays holidays

Holiday Today is the most comprehensive (and beautiful) collection of events and holidays you can have on your device.
Check what day it is today and remember – every day is a holiday!

More events will come in other updates!

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“From ‘Barbie-in-a-Blender Day’ to ‘Moldy Cheese Day’, Holiday Today provides you with an almost endless list of mostly random holidays and observances so you can choose if there is something something worth celebrating.”
(AppCraver review)


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